Post 9

Joe makes sure the man is all settled and comfortable then walks out of that patients room and into the room next door. The man laying in the bed is writhing every which way in the bed and moaning. His breaths are hitching and hissing in and out. He is gripping the side of the bed so tight all of his knuckles are white and straining. Joe goes to the mans monitors to see all the numbers and calls for a doctor and pages the nurse desk for assistance. This man is clearly in pain.

“Sir! Sir hold on we will give you something to make you comfortable!”

Hoping the man could hear him through all the noise he was making. Hoe went to the doorway and looked over to Helen “bring a sedative so we are ready for when the doc come!”

The doctor wasn’t responding soon enough. No one was as the patient started to seize and blood came out of the corner of his eyes. Joe had never seen that but knew it wasn’t a good sign.


“I’m here, I’m here……what in blue blazes! Page the doctor! don’t just stand there!”

“I did! I already paged what do we do?”

“Page them again! then grab his legs and I’ll get an arm.”

Joe runs to the telecom and pages out the code for a doctor and the room number then races to the foot of the bed. Grasping for the patients legs was quite the feat as they were thrashing all over. How he was still in the bed was beyond Joe.

“I can’t get his hand he’s going to smack me in the face if I get too close!”

The patients moaning had suddenly stopped and a low hiss was all they could hear from him. A docotr turned the corner just in time to see the last seizure coarse through the patients body.

“Give me the sedative. We should administer it just in case that wasn’t the last of it. The patient on the fourth floor was exhibiting similar symptoms. The sedative worked but he passed shortly after. I was finishing the paperwork when i heard your page.

Baking with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

I have been on another Great British Bake Off binge-a-thon. They inspire me to bake more and more. I find this show to be so soothing and comfortable. Many a blanket, scarf or granny square has been made while watching people bake. Well, while watching The Great British Bake Off to be specific.

Many a year I dreamed of getting a Kitchenaid Mixer. They always seem like the stuff of dreams with the ease and versatility the mixer provides. My dreams came true and my husband bought me my dream mixer. I have been going through some health issues and I have been thinking a lot about the benefits of baking from scratch. So many items that are in my house I couldn’t tell you what is in them. If I make my own homemade items there should be less mystery as to what is inside and therefore, hopefully, less concern of a reaction.

Anywho, I love watching baking and I love baking myself but I fell out of baking. When I was younger I worked in the Bakery department of a grocery store and it was draining. I think I lost the drive to bake after working there but now the fire has been lit again and away I am going.

Step one box cake mix. I have to laugh that I used my fancy mixer for a box mix but it felt so good and fancy. My second attempt is a chocolate cake from scratch…. I will let you know how that went as it is in the oven as I type this. Happy Holidays everyone. Sorry this isn’t following my zombie apocalypse team but I am trying to beat down that writers block and this is helping.

Panic setting in

Well here I sit on a nice and calm Sunday and I am starting to crochet. I am trying to figure out just how many items I need in my first ever craft fair booth. I am so nervous and excited it is hard to calm my nerves. Usually when I am super nervous i pick ast my hangnails but my fingers seem very safe surprisingly. Maybe it is because i am surrounded by my dogs and watching my Great British Baking Show. I also occupied myself with decorating my house for halloween so that’s fun lol I will have an 8 x 10 booth that I get to share with one of my best friends. That is a blessing and is also probably saving me from panicing too much. How much product is enough product? How do you price homemade things? What will everyone think my items are worth? Yay all these fun questions. I’ll let you know what happens lol

Watchers 3

With Zax being taken care of i needed to figure out my next step. Who would have a charge older or as old as Zax… That train of thought took me to Zara. She had been watching longer than I and lost a charge before she would know what could kill them. Now I just needed to find her but that shouldn’t be hard. I close my eyes and send a thought out into the ether and Zara responds with in seconds by appearing in front of me. She is in a tattered trench coat and old combat boots that were presently covered in what could only be blood.

“Who’d you kill?”

“A deserving disobient watcher. He was begging one of his charges to change him once he got to see how they live compared to our exsistance or in his words lack of exsistance. Tis better he die swiftly and by my hand than throught the agonizing process that would follow him being ripped apart by the vamps blood.”

I walked over to the railing of the bridge and she followed. Her steps were light and soundless. SHe was use to making no sound to better track our charges and their nightly activities.

“Why have you summoned me? You know this is rather unorthodox and would warrant a report if I didn’t know you better.”

“My charge is ill.”

“Aren’t they all.”

“Mine is actually dying.”

That caught her attention and she turned to me and made me face her. “This can not be happening. Are you sure?”

“Yes I just followed him and his behavior when usually controlled and seductive was irratic and destructive. He wouldn’t or couldn’t be stopped until I knocked him out which in itself was no easy feat.”

“Where is he now?”

“I took him to the lab and I have someone studying him.”

“They can’t.”


“His blood is the contagion. We need to track any and all of his victims and see if we can’t end them before it isn’t too late.”

“what is this Zara?”

“A disease. It is a disease that we thought once irradicated from our world. Someone or something must have brought it back.”

“But why and how have I never heard of this before?”

“Protocol and not to mention that nearly all who had to assist with the cleansing have died. It changes into whatever will effect the new host the most. The last time it swept through the fae all to easy and started to go to the other woodland creatures when we finally came through and cleased all who were contaminated. It was a very bloody day.”

“Just us were doing the cleansing?”

” No, The Vamps, Elves, and Werewolves, when they weren’t in full transformation.”

“Why not the witches couldn’t they have helped control the spred or kill them off targeted by their blood?”

“They were the problem. One of their own made the disease. They were retaliating and it was going out of conrtol. A Wild fire kind of spell. No one, not even the leader of the coven knew how to target the main strain. If they tried to stop it the spell would have killed all Fae. Not just the sick. It would have been genocide on a large scale.”

“Wouldn’t no Fae be better than the disease?”

“There is no telliong where that spell would have stopped. It is a tricky term Fae and even worse in spells. It can’t be controlled. We are all in some small way Fae or Fae related. The spell could have cleared us all out. No one wanted that.”

“No I could understand that.”

I stare out at the water and watch as a boat passes by. My night did not start out feeling like a doomsday. This disease that Zara is speaking of must be stopped. If it changes itself to be more destructive than we needed to get back to the lab and fast. There might still be a chance Zax hasn’t done anything to her.

watchers 2

Minutes to midnight and we are in the basement of my base. There isn’t an exit for Zax that doesn’t end in a dust pan. Either way you slice it he needs to die but I demand answers first. I need to know if other Watchers have encountered this sort of crazy onset of new personality in their Charges. The lab would need to run many tests but I need to be there while they do it so they don’t miss anything. Our doctors aren’t always looking for illnesses or diseases since we can’t be affected by any of them it doesn’t really matter. This is why I would need to make sure they weren’t avoiding answers as that’s exactly why I spared him for now.

“Sara, how are you today?”

“bored per the usual. Nothing interesting ever happens here.”

Perfect I got the curious lab assitant which is exactly what i needed and wanted. Now to get her as interested in this development as I am. “say you want to stay busy with something?”

“Depends is it something boring and normal or other worldly and mysterious? I only deal in the latter.”

She was going to be easy to please. “Funny you should say that because I have just that, other worldly and mysterious. I was hoping you could help me do some research? I have to go and check in on my other Charges but can I leave this one with you?”

“This one? Where is this one you speak of?”

“I put him in cell 3. He’s my number 3 so I figured that would be easy enough for us to keep track.”

“Oh yeah because I have so much to mix him up with..” She says as she waves her hands in a Vanna White manner at the empty cells all around. “Before you leave what am I looking for?”

“Here is my log that I’ve been keeping on Zax and it seems as though with the drastic temperature increase his murder rate has also increased. He is 1 kill away from his quota and there is no way he can be out in the streets in his condition. There is something wrong with him and I just need to know what it is.”

“So why not just kill him and consider it done?”

“What if he isn’t the only one?”

“on a murderous rampage of over doing his quota? How could that be and us not have heard about it?”

“I don’t know that’s what you are here for. You were complaining of being bored and now you wont be. You shouldn’t need anything else from me as I left him chained up to make sure he wouldn’t cause any problems. You have some form of protection right?”

“Yes each room has a personal emergency button that deals a shock to anyone not coded in the system.”

“Good stay close to that if he wakes up.”

“What am I supposed to test for?”

“everything, or anything. I don’t know you’re the one in the lab what do you want to run?”

“ohh this should be fun. Should i text you my results or Aiden?”

“Me. We don’t need to pester Aiden with this anymore than I already have. He is aware that Zax is or will be off the books,”

“Oh off the books and unusual mysterious illnesses. I’m in. This could be fun.”

Well with her attitude in it for answers and curiousity peaked i felt safe in leaving it to her. The only thing i was worried about would be Aiden walking in and stopping her short of an answer. Assuming there was even an answer to be had from running these tests on him. Time to check on my other Charges and make sure that they haven’t also gone mad with hunger. this night was going to be interesting if it keeps trending in this direciton. I would have to imagine that Aiden would have had a different response if he had heard of this before. Hopefully my insticts are wrong and there isn’t anything more to this than just a single crazy vamp. Considering how old they can live or not live for that matter i wouldn’t be surprised if Zax had just gone mad in his old age.


I have to make sure he doesn’t go over his qouta for the year. He is playing a dangerous game the way he is leaving his kills for humans to find. There are rules these vamps have to follow and number 3 on my list is losing track of his kills. He goes on benders and drinks off of multiple humans and leaves them in the streets. There are rules and he isn’t following them. His Sire usually catches up to him by now but I lost track of her awhile ago. I give them some wiggle room when the hot seasons start but this is too much. I pull my book out to write down the location of his most recent drop off, barely a block from his kill last night. There must be something eating away at him he is never this messy. I pull my cell out to contact my superior.

“Go for Aiden”

“Nessa reporting on my number 3”


“Zax is killing at a faster rate than usual and reaching his qouta well before end of year.” We were in the Indian Summer days of fall meaning he had at least 2 months left.

“What are you calling me for then? you know what to do.”

“Should I address him before…”

“Are we in the habit of giving second chances now?”

“He usually is more careful than this. I thought we could….”

“Negative.” Aiden was very short and to the point. “We can’t let them get away with this or they will get use to having room for errors. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Take him in for questions if you wish but know it ends in his death either way.”

“Yes Sir.”

I barely finished my confirmation and the cell went dead. Conversations with Aiden were never long by any means but this was unusally harsh. He is one for chances and answers not death first questions after the heads roll. This was going in my log too. I needed to keep strict logs so that at end of day, well night, I could report all that occured. This night would be far more logging than I had ever done.

Zax was on the move barely tucking his last kill in the gutter and moving on. I ran up to the scene once he was far enough away and checked the body for a pulse. Their hair was matted with blood and their throat looked pretty well drained except i could see it still pulsing. I put a cover over the open wound on the throat and quickly rolled the body over. The victims eyes were wide open and looked to me with desperation.


“Help me.”

Double shit she can see me. They aren’t supposed to be able to see me. This would be interesting to describe. Her eyes blinked and tears rolled down into her matted hair and blood. I felt in her pockets for her cell and was able to open it with her finger to the back of the cell. Quickly dialing the emergncy number and then leaving it on while she laid there.

“Someone is coming be at peace.” I placed my hand on her forehead and made her sleep. This would help her chances of surviving the attack if her heart could slow down. I waited until I could hear the sirens and her heart was still pounding. “Damn it Zax you are making my night worse by the second.”

He was gone. Moving so quickly which isn’t a shocker they can be fast and stealthy but he was comepletely forgetting the second part. There was death and destruction in his wake and he didn’t seem to care. This vamp was out of it for sure. There must be something eating away at him that he is eating his way through the streets. 5 blocks ahead of me I hear a scream and will myself to his location. There he is with a man in his arms as he is throwing his head back to rip into his next victims throat.

“Zax! That’s Enough!”

His eyes are red and full of rage. I can’t get a read on his mind but I can feel is aura. It’s different there’s something driving him. He is not in control of his own body. I’ve never seen this before. The man he is holding has time to get a good left hook to Zax’ jaw and throw him off balance.

“what the fuck man!” The possible next victim is on the ground crawling away.

In a second I am at Zax’ side before he can dissappear on me. I slam my hand on the back of his neck and make contact lond enough for him to pass out and crumple to the road. Out cold but I can’t be sure for how long. Something is messing with his mind and we need to know what it is before I go killing him. This head will have to wait before it rolls.


“Hey Joe”

“Hey ┬áHelen. How’s the day going so far?”

“Well, crazy actually. This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down all day. The crazies are out today. Must be a full moon tonight or something.”

“I heard a lot of sirens going on while I rode in today. Have we had a lot of buses come through?”

“No not too bad just a lot a people sick and what not. They get a cough and can’t kick it so they come here. They really flooded in this time though. Almost all of our beds are taken. We can’t emit anymore patients.”

“Wow. Seems a bit early for people to be getting sick. Usually the hypochondriacs don’t come out in full force until closer to fall or winter. ”

“Yeah not real sure they are faking it though. We had to turn away a feel people because they simply weren’t sick enough.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Well a lot of them have raised temperatures and they seem to be escalating uncommonly fast. So the doctors that are in opted for keeping them overnight so we could monitor their temps and see if their conditions improve with the antibiotics prescribed.”

“That’s prolly for the best. No sense sending them home only to have them come back tomorrow.”


Joe was now behind the nurse station putting his bag by his computer. Helen is a woman in her mid 40’s or so. Joe never asked because it never really mattered as long as she carrier her weight, which she usually carried more than her share. No drama from Helen which Joe was happy for.He had enough drama going through college. They chatted enough to make the days and nights fly by when they didn’t have patients to keep them busy. Helen has a son who is on the fire department. Like father like son Helen’s husband died fighting fire saving lives. Joe knew that much as you are bound to get to learn a few things about each other.

A call button was pressed so they both turned to each other. “Your turn. I’ve been at it all day.”

“That’s fair. I’m on it.”

Joe grabbed his pens and put them in his pocket and made his way to the room.

“Hello Sir, you called?”

“I can’t get comfortable and the man next door is making an awful lot of noise I don’t know what’s wrong with him but if you could get him to just settle down that’s be great.”


Writers block

With the new year comes a new problem. Well, not new really, many a time I have gotten into the meat of a story and then hit a bump because I have it all planned out in my head how I want the characters to end but now I need to get them there and have it make sense and entertain the people. I reread some of my writings and I just get stumped. All I ask is that you bear with me while I try to workout the characters lives. I have a completed short story that I can post later however I would like to finish the zombie apocalypse story first. I will be brainstorming and hopefully returning with some more meaty reading for your word porn needs within the month. My wheels will be turning so if you see smoke coming out of my ears just feed me more coffee and sweets. Until my next post. Thank you lovelies. 


Early morning thoughts from a mind that got little to no sleep probably courtesy of that ever so delicious second cup of joe whilst at work attempting keep away the cold. Maybe everytime I wake up, or anyone for that matter, we could think instead of ‘ugh my house is too stinking warm’ there should be a part of you saying ‘I feel thankful for a house to be too warm in’. 

Now I’m Not saying we cant have complaints. By any means complain away, however, I also think that we could all profit from being a little more thankful. Thankful for the roof over our head, that job that makes you hit the snooze 3 times, the car you have to go out and warm up darn near 15 minutes before you have to leave if you want it to be anything other than a frozen hunk of metal. 

I have lived a very blessed life. Now you don’t need to be religious to be blessed. I consider it as something that is good and calming about this life we lead. A life where you don’t get a timer on your wrist letting you know hey you will meet your soulmate in 45 days or a timer of hey if you don’t work that extra shift you donzo (Both are movie references. Timer & In Time. Good Stuff) Have you ever heard Bing Crosby that classic crooner from way back, I feel old, when he sang the words “Counting your blessings Instead of sheep” I try to do that. If I can’t sleep or start to feel down in the dumps I think of all the things that I have going for me. I have a wonderful family, a loving husband who only wants to make me happy in anyway in his power, a job I love, I can pay my bills, we have a roof over our heads,  a stepson who wants to hangout with me and talk to me, I have running water that isn’t poison. Okay you get the jist I wont bore you with everything I consider a blessing. 

My point through this writting haze is to let people know that there is almost always a bright side to everything. There are times when life really throws a great southpaw and leaves you out of breath but at those times don’t dwell on that negitive experience think of the great things. Okay so you didn’t get that job but you did put yourself out there and threw your hat in the ring so great job. People need to tell themselves ‘I did a good job.’ 

When I was going to school for my degree we were told that another way to keep employees happy is to say atta boys and I’m letting anyone reading this it is okay to give yourself an atta boy. Pat yourself on the back for eating that healthy breakfast yesterday even if you didn’t eat it today you still changed a part of your routine. You still took that step to bettering yourself the way you wanted to. 

Be You. Be Blessed. Please, for me and you, Please try to be HAPPY.